Champion Model

Mainly used for day fishing, both at shallow and deeper waters

Catches hard on bottom, but reaches pelagic species too

Catch efficiency is significantly higher than traditional Thai nets

Original Model

Mainly used for "flying the net" (surface fishing)

Can be used both on bottom and mid-water

Can also be operated on vessels without net drum (smaller sizes)

Modified Model

Larger mesh forepart for higher vertical opening

Mainly used at shallow water and deeper depth

Can be used both on bottom and mid-water

WideBody Model

The latest edidtion of our range of midwater trawls

Can be used both on bottom, midwater and for surface fishing

Easy to operate and superior catch efficiency

Who are SRL Cosmos Trawl?

Netloft SRL Cosmos Trawl is the largest and leading netloft in Bangladesh, based upon more than 100 years of Danish fishing gear technology.

We can supply all types of trawls, based on your exact needs. We provide shrimp and bottom trawls in wide body as well as high opening design for single- and multi-rig fishing. This goes along with our pelagic and semi-pelagic mid-water trawls (for single and pair trawling) as well as purse seines and fish farm cages.

What can we do for you?

At Sea If you need a package solution, we can supply everything you need, from net drums, steel wire ropes and trawl doors to combination rope bridles and fish finding equipment.

But we also provide expert technical consultancy and traing for captains and crew to ensure you the optimal result on your investment.

Why you should choose us?

 We tailor make our trawls and gears to the individual vessel and fishermen to ensure nothing but the best catch efficiency for our clients.

Before a new trawl delivery, our team offers a training course in our technology and, for the first days of fishing, one of our captain consultants will join at sea to supervise and support the captain and crew for optimal performance of our gear.

When maintenance and repair jobs are required, our large netloft team will provide a swift service to get you back fishing, thus minimising lost fishing time. To keep abreast of competition, our experienced R&D team is always working on new ideas and improvements and ready to support you if you face any kind of problems at sea.

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